Who We Are

ONA Property Holdings, LLC is a boutique real estate investment and asset management firm.  The company was established in 2017, and it specializes in acquiring and developing residential real estate located in core urban centers and well-placed suburbs.

Our investment focus is primarily in three asset categories: long-term rentals, short-term rentals, and fix-and-flips.

The company was founded in 2017 to pursue real estate investment opportunities in the large metro markets of Georgia, Florida, Maryland, California, and the District of Columbia.


To create affordable housing for the community, and a stable income stream for our investors.


To make Living Better meaningful for everyone.


Transparency, Excellence. Respect, and Fairness.

At ONA Property Holdings, we structure our investment portfolio around three focused asset classes: long-term rentals, short-term rentals, and fix-and-flips.  Our primary geographic markets are in the Southeast and the mid-Atlantic states.

Long-Term Rentals

The long-term rental asset category optimizes the generation of a predictable recurring income stream for the company and our investors.  It consists of multi-family and single-family rental homes, which are held for a defined period before putting them up for sale.

Short-Term Rentals

The short-term rental asset category consists of properties marketed to individuals or families looking for alternatives to traditional hotels.  These properties are advertised on the leading platforms in the travel industry.  We structure these assets to produce a regular income stream with some seasonal variations.


Our fix-and-flip asset category consists of properties that were acquired with the specific intent of selling them to generate a quick profit.  We acquire, renovate, and then sell the subject property to produce a return on investment for the company and our investors.

Get in Touch

Our company is based in Atlanta, Georgia. If you would like to reach us, please use the details provided, or send us an email using the accompanying form.

Our Mailing Address is:
PO Box 250043
Atlanta, GA 30325
Phone No:

+1 770 835-5972



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