Corporate Profile

ONA Property Holdings, LLC was founded in 2017 as a privately-owned real estate company based in Atlanta, Georgia.  The company is the brainchild of a group of associates who had been investing individually in real estate markets in Georgia, California, and the District of Columbia.
The company was established as a single-member LLC, and pursues its investment goals using this entity as well as via joint-venture (JV) partnerships.
Our investment focus is centered on raising funds by using a combination of equity, bank and private lender financing to achieve desirable risk-adjusted returns. The company offers qualified individuals investment opportunities with preferential returns at stated in addition to profit participation. Our methodology places emphasis on minimizing risk while creating value through cash flow and asset appreciation. Only investments with anticipated annual returns above a stated and mutually-agreed threshold are considered.

We rely on the counsel of a team of seasoned experts who possess deep real estate industry experience. We also consult with a network of professionals from affiliated industries. These individuals assist in guiding the execution of our strategies to help us achieve our goals.

Business Formation (via Georgia Secretary of State)

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